Friday, Dec 09

Africa ready for electric automobiles?

Africa ready for electric automobiles?

It appears an era where transportation will largely be electric dependent is eminent. Therefore, it is no coincidence that more and more people across the globe are opting for electric vehicles and the industry is undeniably on a positive trajectory.

According to the International Energy Agency, the number of electric cars, trucks, vans and buses on the world’s roads is on course to increase from 11 million vehicles to 145 million by the end of the decade. However, the surge in growth can be attributed to advancement in technology and the charging system. Also, it is in part attributable to policies being adopted by governments all over the world to divest from fossil fuels and address the climate crisis.

Meanwhile, the substantial investments automobile giants are making to go electric are further signs that electric vehicles are the future. Internationally, the EV market is already growing at exponential rates, with more than3 million vehicles sold globally.

Every major automobile manufacturer now has hybrid and full plug-in EVs in commercial production.By 2040, 54% of new global car sales and 33% of the world’s car fleet will be electric, according to experts. As part of that, having the right charging infrastructure in place is crucial.