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Electric cars set to hit the road in 2019



With far advancement in the development of electric cars by Automakers, considerable number of electric cars shall hit the roads in 2019 for enjoyable drive. Improvements in performance along with their range and available features that make them desirable choices is getting better with each new year.

There are some exciting new electric cars to be released onto the auto market for the upcoming year. If you’re not yet a fan of these eco-friendly vehicles, there might be something on the horizon that may change your mind. This mode of power is a burgeoning wave of the future in automotive technology and we expect what is now a small ripple to become a tsunami in its magnitude in a decade to come.

Here are the best electric cars for 2019 that you may consider to drive.


Audi E-tron Sportback (2019)

The Audi E tron Sportback made an initial appearance at the Shanghai motor show in 2017. The concept car was a sneak peek at what would be coming down the road in 2019. It’s about the same size as the brand’s Audi A7, along with the coupe styling feature, but there will be a few notable changes. The driving position will be raised and it will assume a more aggressive stance and detailing as seen in SUV styling. If you’re concerned about the power, it comes with three electric motors that will boost the hp to 486 and when you accelerate, you’ll move from 0 to 62 in about four and a half seconds.


Jaguar XJ (2019)

Jaguar is getting ready for the reveal of the new XJ for 2019, which will replace its XJ luxury car with an all-electric platform and no offerings for diesel or petrol alternatives. It’s the car that kicks off a new chapter in the story of the automaker. Jaguar will offer a five door hatch model which is a departure from the four door saloon.


Mini E (2019)

This will be the new revelation for the Mini experimental car that was produced in 2009 and 2010. Early models were only let out in a limited number for the purpose of testing trials. With the perfected version that is coming some ten years later, the fully electric new 2019 Mini E is poised to go on sale to the public with a more generous supply available. They’ve redesigned the previous experimental with a new type of battery technology that is a vast improvement over the original.


Tesla Model 3 (2019)

Elon Musk’s vision is coming to a dealership near you with Model 3 all electric car for 2019. In fact, if you’re interested in owning one for yourself, now is the time to place your order because the right hand versions are scheduled to start production in 2019. The Model 3 will offer a ton of premium options that you’d expect to find in the Mercedes C class, the Audi Ar and the BMW luxuries, but for a far more affordable price tag of $35K in British pounds.


Volvo XC40 Electric (2019)

Volvo is throwing its hat into the ring with their first all-electric car for 2019. The chassis of their smaller SUV will take its inspiration from the new XC40. Volvo’s playing coy with this new line for the brand and they’re not yet releasing any other details so we’ll have to wait until the spycams can pick up a little more info.


Nissan IDS (2019) all-electric concept with autonomous features

Nissan will have a new all electric with some amazing new technology in the EV arena. Achieving a leading position in current automotive technology, the Nissan brand is surging ahead with an integration of advanced vehicle control with new innovative safety technologies. They’ve synthesized all this with the most recent in AI technology to create a new form of autonomous drive technology that boasts a practical approach that is applied to real world driving scenarios. Taking the lead in such a serious manner is going to cause a chain reaction among the competition and they’ll all have to step up their games to keep up. The concept car was unveiled in 2017 with production scheduled for the 2019/2020 market year.


Audi Q6 e-tron quattro SUV (2019)

The Q6 e-tron Quattro SUV made its first appearance to the world as a concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Tesla had thrown down the gauntlet and Audi was obliged to answer with this new all electric model that called them on the Tesla X. The brand has some serious plans to produce between 2 to 3 million of these by 2025. They claim that the Q6 will offer a range of over 310 miles on a single charge and it’s slated to come at a price tag of $75K.


Porsche Mission E (2019)

The Mission E is the first all-electric vehicle bearing the Porsche branding. The concept vehicle features an impressive design that is awing onlookers getting their first glance and it’s been honored with the Concept Car Design of the Year at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show. In a slick move to try to keep up with what is believed to be a new Porsche phenomenon, Elon Musk’s crew scooped up the designer that is responsible for the interior or the Mission E. It is estimated that the all-electric car will produce a range of more than 310 miles on a full charge, but that’s not the most impressive aspect of the new Mission E. The acceleration is rumored to be pegged at just 3.5 seconds from 0 to 60 mph. It is incredible speed and evidence of how far they’ve come in EV technology with regards to performance. The new charging system for the Mission E uses an 800 volt format that gives it an 80% charge in a scant 15 minutes. Porsche plans to produce 20,000 of these units a year.


Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ (2019)

The new Generation EQ is also a first for Mercedes-Benz. The first to be totally built by the manufacturer from the ground up in an all-electric format, that is. Previous models features Tesla power trains but that’s a thing of the past with the Generation EQ. This car is the Mercedes response to the Jaguar I-Pace. It’s estimated to offer a range of 310 miles on a full charge. It’s one of the less expensive and smaller Mercedes offerings in an all-electric SUV platform only, and the price is expected to be set around $55,000.


Aston Martin RapidE (2019)

The new Aston Martin RapidE is their version of the all-electric variant of the RapidE luxury Sedan. The company collaborated with LeEco and took investment on the development from a Chinese group of investors associated with Faraday Future to speed the production timeline. The new RapidE all electric for 2019 will have a 200 mile range with over 800 horsepower and it will sell for $200,000 to $250,000. It will be a luxury vehicle that is rumored to come with the stated price with guesses all the way down to $40,000, but seriously doubting this.


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2019 HONDA HR-V, Remodeled with Sophistication



2019 brought a well needed revamped Honda HR-V with really thrilling features on the inside and outside, leaving fanatics in awe as usual. But, how did Honda get to this model? Having manufactured the Honda CR-V in 1995, a compact crossover SUV, and Honda Pilot in 2002, an SUV, the 2019 Honda HR-V arrives to complete the Honda SUV lineup model as a Subcompact SUV.

The 2019 Honda HR-V is an eventual replacement of the 1999 Honda HR-V first generation. It’s been nineteen years after the old one and this second generation five-door comes into the market with a more refined style.

HR-V officially stands for Hi rider Revolutionary Vehicle, or Hip and Smart Runabout Vehicle. The HR-V was introduced to cater for the demand for vehicles with the benefits of SUVs such as increased cargo room and higher visibility, along with the maneuverability, performance and fuel economy of a smaller car. Since its launch in the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) it has already won awards; The Best Compact SUV, Best Resell Value in its class, Five Star Safety Rating to name a few in less than six months.

The Launch

THP Ghana Ltd. launched the All-new HR-V on 10th May 2019 at the Honda Place head office in Accra. The HR-V marks the presence of an entry level SUV from the Honda Range and this 5-seater vehicle will be available across all their branches including Accra, Spintex & Kumasi. The Honda HR-V has been positioned as a fun and sporty SUV which has been designed for life. It comes with two grades for the Ghana market; LX & EX models. 2019 Honda HR-V aims at getting new customers and younger customers as well.

The grand concept of this car is to uniquely blend sophistication with emotions and the utility features of the car which offers the customer a much smoother ride with benefits of performance and fuel efficiency. Talk about the aerodynamics of the car, the position of the fuel tank makes it suitable; the hidden rear door handles and the shark fin antenna adds more elegance to the car.

The all-new Honda HR-V in 6 parts

Driver’s Seat

This part of the car deals with the features, gadgets and safety.

From the driver’s seat is a 6.8-inch Display Audio with Touchscreen (for both LX and EX Grades) with USB and HDMI ports that allows you to connect your smart phone and use its features such as playing your favorite music and using the phone book to make calls to your contacts. A Multifunction steering wheel puts the audio and cruise controls at your fingertips making it a driver friendly interface. The HR-V (EX Grade) now features automatic climate control where you can adjust the temperature of the cabin with the touch of a button and the ECON function for fuel consumption moderation and also not forgetting the Smart Entry system and push-button start.

The seat is a cushion one which is very comfortable and adjustable to suit the driver. The position also enables you to see a 100-meters straight.

The driver’s seat also gives access benefits to a standard list of active and passive safety features. This includes Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) with traction control, driver and passenger front airbags standard on all grades, side airbags and side curtain airbags on the EX Grade only, Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and Hill Start Assist (HAS). EX Grade features a multi-angle rearview camera with wide view feature.

The air-conditioning in the car is also unique. It has three ventilation vents that blow from high to low with the vent closest to the window at high. This is because that part of the car may be hot during the day as a result of the sun.

Passenger Side

The back-passenger side has the “Magic Seats”. The second Row Magic Seats are designed to configure in lots of useful ways to increase its carrying capacity. It has a 60:40 split rear seat. These ingenious 60:40 split seats can dive down to the floor, making a large space truly vast, or tip up to allow for sideways loading of awkward objects like a bicycle. With the new stay-spring mechanism for the hatch, it’s now easier than ever to access HR-V’s cargo space of 1456 litres. HR-V also offers up to 100.1 cubic feet of passenger space with abundant rear seat head and legroom. The rear door handle is also hidden…

Rear Side

In the rear, the tail-lights come with Integrated LED Light Bars giving it a distinctive, sporty look and fog lights also installed. Four parking sensors can be found on the rear bumper. It also houses the spare tire and equipment.

Front Side

The All-new HR-V receives a bellicose design for the front. The grille is enhanced by a new interpretation of the “flying wing” rendered in dark chrome and extending over the new projector-style headlights. Under the chrome band, the grille opening has been restyled to emphasize a wide look and the fog light housings have been enlarged to help give HR-V a more aggressive stance. Also, in the front is a sporty front bumper that gives it an elegant yet rugged look.

The Powertrain

The HR-V has spirited engine performance matched with low running costs. It features a responsive 140hp @6500rpm and a torque of 172 N-m @ 4300 rpm on a 1.8L i-VTEC petrol engine which maximizes economy and efficiency, achieving 16.9 km/L on a tank of fuel. The HR-V is front-wheel drive, driven by a 7-speed fully-automatic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). With the CVT transmission, you have the ability to drive the car in a relaxed, automatic mode or you can change gear using the racing car-inspired, steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters (On EX Grade only). At full throttle, the CVT now features revised shift mapping that, under hard acceleration, more closely resembles the stepped gear changes of a conventional fixed-gear transmission. In addition to that, the CVT improves driving and improves fuel efficiency. This “stepped” feel gives HR-V a more familiar feel during acceleration, while also helping to reduce interior noise levels. Additionally, HR-V’s CVT uses a more refined and natural feeling engagement, staying at lower revs more often.

The engine has an under-cover to prevent any outside damages as well as insulators that reduces the noise, it creates quietness in and around the car.

The chassis incorporates a centrally mounted fuel tank, which provides perfect weight ratio and concentrates the mass in the center. This in conjunction with the amplitude reactive dampers give the HR-V excellent driving dynamics and minimizing body roll.


The 2019 HR-V was manufactured with the Honda’s next-generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure. All Grades also feature LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and rear corner parking sensors on both the LX and EX Grades.

In the rear, Tail-lights with Integrated LED Light Bars give the HR-V a distinctive, sporty look. New to the SUV-B segment is the Panoramic Sunroof, in the EX grade, making the HR-V feel like a large sporty SUV ready for the next adventure. The All New HR-V is flanked by 16” alloy wheels for the LX grade and 17” Alloy wheels for the EX grade.

In the interior, the all-new HR-V boasts of a youthful vibe with unique styling touches. The intuitively designed HR-V cockpit ensures that everything is where you need it. The elegant dashboard includes the very latest technology; it’s incredibly easy to understand and use. Dark Fabric (LX Grade) and Black Leather (EX Grade) gives the interior of the HR-V a premium comfort feels.

Designed to adapt to your lifestyle, the HR-V gives you a clever, comfortable and spacious interior. A centrally-mounted fuel tank provides the HR-V with a huge boot, the positioning of the fuel tank also aids in the general aerodynamics of the car.

The HR-V is available in White Orchid Pearl, Lunar Silver Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl and Passion Red Pearl colours.

So, why buy this car?

The 2019 HR-V is a great choice for people who want a lot of practicality & attractive coupe style design in a small package as explained by the brand manager, Mr. Manish Daryanani, during the press launch in Accra on 10th May 2019. It is a good subcompact SUV, has a roomy back seat that can easily accommodate adults. This HR-V’s cargo volume is among the largest in the class, and its rear seats fold in a couple ways to offer lots of utility and different cargo-carrying configurations: the long mode, the tall mode and the utility mode. The cargo area gives 431 litres without folding the seats and 1004 litres with seats folder. There is also great fuel economy which is essential in this Ghanaian economy, poised handling and an upscale interior all rounds up to give the 2019 Honda HR-V an urbane yet rugged feel.

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