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4 stunning electric suv concepts for auto fanatics



It’s been a long time coming but electric cars are finally set to make a breakthrough, with 2019 expected to be the year when they become a realistic option for most new car buyers.

By the end of this year, at least 25 different electric cars will be on sale, from small city models to tall and rugged Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs).

In this edition of Vaultz wheels, we shall be focusing on 4 stunning electric Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) concepts that will strike the auto market in the near future.



The world’s first Smart Intuitive Vehicle. Designed with expressive proportions and iconic digital elements, the BYTON M-BYTE reminds you that future mobility is fueled by intelligence. You might say this car looks like an SUV, but smarter. And that’s exactly what it is: the first Smart Intuitive Vehicle!

With its masculine proportions and a length of 191 inches (4.85 meters), the BYTON M-BYTE shows its new design aesthetics in every aspect, including the closed front-end fascia, disappearing door handles, hidden antennas and a sleek, sloping roofline.

Conventional automotive styling features are giving way to innovative design icons. Side-view cameras replace side mirrors, iconic face recognition cameras provide user identification and BYTON Smart Surfaces show a situation-based interacting light design. These are just some of the intelligent signature elements that reinforce the visible digital power of the vehicle.

Your BYTON understands you like a trusted friend. It recognizes you through face recognition, talks to you and adapts to your needs. With a simple swipe of your fingers, you can intuitively operate the touch displays. And as communication is never a one-way street, BYTON Air Touch also responds to your hand gestures. All in all, it gives you five dimensions of control.




The ENVERGE is very catchy with outstanding features and its inexplicable design is its selling point. It is electric and very futuristic especially with its gull-wing doors, digital dash screen and unconventional head and tail lights. Reportedly, it will have a range of 370 miles on a single (full) charge.

A very ridiculous feature of the car is the fact that the headlights would slide out and detach to serve a flood lights, a feature GAC nicknamed “G-Light”. It’s an SUV coupe (only two doors) with wireless battery recharging and stipulated time for a 240-mile range in just 10 minutes.




Automotive Hall-of-Fame Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son, Fabrizio, are behind the Italian company GFG Style “hyper-SUV” concept.

It’s called the Kangaroo and it resembles some of the other supercar concept designs seen. But, this one is different from the rest. A special adjustable hydraulic suspension system helps convert the concept from a sports car to an off-roader. Ride heights are able to vary from 5.5 inches in “Racing” mode to some 10.2 inches in “Off-Road” mode. The car’s front splitter can also retract while in “Off-Road” mode to improve approach angles on challenging terrain. Talk about a transition!

GFG Style says the Kangaroo can be used on any surface, from pavement, to sand, to mud. It comes with two electric motors, each rated at 241 horsepower. The combined output is listed at 482hp and 501 lb.-ft. of torque. A 90 kWh battery pack is said to deliver a driving range of more than 280 miles on a single charge.

Inside the vehicle, there’s three screens that dominate the space. One is an ultra-wide screen atop the dash that serves as the rear view mirror by displaying the output from a rear-facing camera. Another noticeable aspect of the interior is the color of the leather. The bright orange of the exterior is reflected inside.

While it’s certainly not holding its breath for this vehicle to make its way to production, GFG Style says it does plan on showing off a version of the Kangaroo concept wearing snow tracks. The design company wants people to see how the Kangaroo could be used for fun, while conquering some snow-covered terrains.




Lagonda All-Terrain SUV concept from Aston Martin is mesmerizingly long and perhaps the most striking. With softly rounded edges and an elongated shooting-brake body that stretches way out over the rear wheels, this cocoon-shaped car is not quite what the teaser images had us imagining.

The British manufacturers are hoping to breathe new life into the Lagonda badge with this fully electric four-seater SUV. The Lagonda All-Terrain Concept is regarded as the stylistic forerunner of the Lagonda brand, which is set to resume production in 2021.

The car’s lengthy appearance is supported by a spoiler on the wide front, as well as the headlight slits that are pulled far into the side. A thin strip of light illuminated with LEDs emphasizes an already lengthy rear end.

Despite the futuristic design, the Lagonda All-Terrain concept still gives the driver a steering wheel to hold onto. But when autonomous mode is turned on, you can turn the front seats backwards to create a sort of self-driving sitting room.

The Lagonda SUV will use potentially game-changing solid state batteries which offer many advantages over the regular lithium-ion ones used in most electric cars. Solid-state batteries do not use liquid electrolytes to move energy around. The cells are made of solid, dry conductive material which mean they are less prone to fire and can supply energy and accept a charge more readily.

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2019 HONDA HR-V, Remodeled with Sophistication



2019 brought a well needed revamped Honda HR-V with really thrilling features on the inside and outside, leaving fanatics in awe as usual. But, how did Honda get to this model? Having manufactured the Honda CR-V in 1995, a compact crossover SUV, and Honda Pilot in 2002, an SUV, the 2019 Honda HR-V arrives to complete the Honda SUV lineup model as a Subcompact SUV.

The 2019 Honda HR-V is an eventual replacement of the 1999 Honda HR-V first generation. It’s been nineteen years after the old one and this second generation five-door comes into the market with a more refined style.

HR-V officially stands for Hi rider Revolutionary Vehicle, or Hip and Smart Runabout Vehicle. The HR-V was introduced to cater for the demand for vehicles with the benefits of SUVs such as increased cargo room and higher visibility, along with the maneuverability, performance and fuel economy of a smaller car. Since its launch in the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) it has already won awards; The Best Compact SUV, Best Resell Value in its class, Five Star Safety Rating to name a few in less than six months.

The Launch

THP Ghana Ltd. launched the All-new HR-V on 10th May 2019 at the Honda Place head office in Accra. The HR-V marks the presence of an entry level SUV from the Honda Range and this 5-seater vehicle will be available across all their branches including Accra, Spintex & Kumasi. The Honda HR-V has been positioned as a fun and sporty SUV which has been designed for life. It comes with two grades for the Ghana market; LX & EX models. 2019 Honda HR-V aims at getting new customers and younger customers as well.

The grand concept of this car is to uniquely blend sophistication with emotions and the utility features of the car which offers the customer a much smoother ride with benefits of performance and fuel efficiency. Talk about the aerodynamics of the car, the position of the fuel tank makes it suitable; the hidden rear door handles and the shark fin antenna adds more elegance to the car.

The all-new Honda HR-V in 6 parts

Driver’s Seat

This part of the car deals with the features, gadgets and safety.

From the driver’s seat is a 6.8-inch Display Audio with Touchscreen (for both LX and EX Grades) with USB and HDMI ports that allows you to connect your smart phone and use its features such as playing your favorite music and using the phone book to make calls to your contacts. A Multifunction steering wheel puts the audio and cruise controls at your fingertips making it a driver friendly interface. The HR-V (EX Grade) now features automatic climate control where you can adjust the temperature of the cabin with the touch of a button and the ECON function for fuel consumption moderation and also not forgetting the Smart Entry system and push-button start.

The seat is a cushion one which is very comfortable and adjustable to suit the driver. The position also enables you to see a 100-meters straight.

The driver’s seat also gives access benefits to a standard list of active and passive safety features. This includes Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) with traction control, driver and passenger front airbags standard on all grades, side airbags and side curtain airbags on the EX Grade only, Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and Hill Start Assist (HAS). EX Grade features a multi-angle rearview camera with wide view feature.

The air-conditioning in the car is also unique. It has three ventilation vents that blow from high to low with the vent closest to the window at high. This is because that part of the car may be hot during the day as a result of the sun.

Passenger Side

The back-passenger side has the “Magic Seats”. The second Row Magic Seats are designed to configure in lots of useful ways to increase its carrying capacity. It has a 60:40 split rear seat. These ingenious 60:40 split seats can dive down to the floor, making a large space truly vast, or tip up to allow for sideways loading of awkward objects like a bicycle. With the new stay-spring mechanism for the hatch, it’s now easier than ever to access HR-V’s cargo space of 1456 litres. HR-V also offers up to 100.1 cubic feet of passenger space with abundant rear seat head and legroom. The rear door handle is also hidden…

Rear Side

In the rear, the tail-lights come with Integrated LED Light Bars giving it a distinctive, sporty look and fog lights also installed. Four parking sensors can be found on the rear bumper. It also houses the spare tire and equipment.

Front Side

The All-new HR-V receives a bellicose design for the front. The grille is enhanced by a new interpretation of the “flying wing” rendered in dark chrome and extending over the new projector-style headlights. Under the chrome band, the grille opening has been restyled to emphasize a wide look and the fog light housings have been enlarged to help give HR-V a more aggressive stance. Also, in the front is a sporty front bumper that gives it an elegant yet rugged look.

The Powertrain

The HR-V has spirited engine performance matched with low running costs. It features a responsive 140hp @6500rpm and a torque of 172 N-m @ 4300 rpm on a 1.8L i-VTEC petrol engine which maximizes economy and efficiency, achieving 16.9 km/L on a tank of fuel. The HR-V is front-wheel drive, driven by a 7-speed fully-automatic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). With the CVT transmission, you have the ability to drive the car in a relaxed, automatic mode or you can change gear using the racing car-inspired, steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters (On EX Grade only). At full throttle, the CVT now features revised shift mapping that, under hard acceleration, more closely resembles the stepped gear changes of a conventional fixed-gear transmission. In addition to that, the CVT improves driving and improves fuel efficiency. This “stepped” feel gives HR-V a more familiar feel during acceleration, while also helping to reduce interior noise levels. Additionally, HR-V’s CVT uses a more refined and natural feeling engagement, staying at lower revs more often.

The engine has an under-cover to prevent any outside damages as well as insulators that reduces the noise, it creates quietness in and around the car.

The chassis incorporates a centrally mounted fuel tank, which provides perfect weight ratio and concentrates the mass in the center. This in conjunction with the amplitude reactive dampers give the HR-V excellent driving dynamics and minimizing body roll.


The 2019 HR-V was manufactured with the Honda’s next-generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure. All Grades also feature LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and rear corner parking sensors on both the LX and EX Grades.

In the rear, Tail-lights with Integrated LED Light Bars give the HR-V a distinctive, sporty look. New to the SUV-B segment is the Panoramic Sunroof, in the EX grade, making the HR-V feel like a large sporty SUV ready for the next adventure. The All New HR-V is flanked by 16” alloy wheels for the LX grade and 17” Alloy wheels for the EX grade.

In the interior, the all-new HR-V boasts of a youthful vibe with unique styling touches. The intuitively designed HR-V cockpit ensures that everything is where you need it. The elegant dashboard includes the very latest technology; it’s incredibly easy to understand and use. Dark Fabric (LX Grade) and Black Leather (EX Grade) gives the interior of the HR-V a premium comfort feels.

Designed to adapt to your lifestyle, the HR-V gives you a clever, comfortable and spacious interior. A centrally-mounted fuel tank provides the HR-V with a huge boot, the positioning of the fuel tank also aids in the general aerodynamics of the car.

The HR-V is available in White Orchid Pearl, Lunar Silver Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl and Passion Red Pearl colours.

So, why buy this car?

The 2019 HR-V is a great choice for people who want a lot of practicality & attractive coupe style design in a small package as explained by the brand manager, Mr. Manish Daryanani, during the press launch in Accra on 10th May 2019. It is a good subcompact SUV, has a roomy back seat that can easily accommodate adults. This HR-V’s cargo volume is among the largest in the class, and its rear seats fold in a couple ways to offer lots of utility and different cargo-carrying configurations: the long mode, the tall mode and the utility mode. The cargo area gives 431 litres without folding the seats and 1004 litres with seats folder. There is also great fuel economy which is essential in this Ghanaian economy, poised handling and an upscale interior all rounds up to give the 2019 Honda HR-V an urbane yet rugged feel.

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